Monday, August 17, 2009

OKAY, let's try this again!!

Alright, so I haven't been here for a million years but now I am actually gonna do this!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! I am gonna try to get people interested in my life...haha...this is fun!!
Okay so a lot has happened since I was last on here... I am officially recording my third album "The Anatomy of a Heartflow" in October and I am also Producing a new artist "Cesar De La Rosa" who is also recording his cd in Oct...I have a 2 weeks tour in the US in the end of Oct and a 3 week in Sweden, and then a one or two month in Jan (Hopefully)...I know you guys heard the Globe thing...the big event I was supposed to do...ya...didnt work out...not only did the sponsor kinda back out...but someone I asked for help stole the idea!! GREAT!!! Just had a huge festival here, two of my greates friends came from the was a super fun time!! Though not without it's...dramatic...moments...hehe! :) But is good! Went through a period where I felt God was abandoning me, but then the funny thing about God is he ALWAYS comes through when you need now I am living in this fullness of joy thing...It is fantastic! Me and my wife (Anna if you dont remember) have gotten a lot of alone time, which is Great!!!

The place I am at now though is I feel a little lost at the moment...Where to go?? What to do?? People I know are starting school, and working and hanging out with friends all the time and I am just working a job that only has me here temporarily...though my life has been full of "temporary" I am ready to do something...and I can feel my relationships fading because people assume that married guys don't need friends!!! Don't get me wrong cause I have the best wifey on the face of the planet and I HAVE SOOOOOOOO much fun with her, but it's important to have those guy nights sometimes...and there aren't really any guys here that I feel super close to (if any of you are reading this...I LOVE YOU...and David you are excluded cause you are my brother and of course I connect with you :))
I just feel boring, and that people think I am boring sometimes just cause I am married...LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!! ME AND ANNA ARE NOT BORING!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha we are the funnest...EVER! lol :) Then it can feel like i invest a lot in activities and in people and sometimes I just don't get investment back, and again i don't invest to get invested in...but sometimes would be nice...maybe :) But the Lord is so good and I cannot ask for a better life right now...seriously...I have the best wife ever, working with some of the most talented people ever, getting to do what I love...I can't complain!! Now I am sitting and counselling people on the phone, its very rewarding!! :) Then I am going home to my wifey poo to snuggle with her :) see you guys soon...I promise...really this time!!!

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  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! I've had the same lost feeling and stood on Proverbs 3:5. Hope to see clips of your work here!