Saturday, August 22, 2009


The photoshoot went fantastic and now I finally have the cd cover for the new album...What do you guys think!!! Its been a really busy two days...working a lot on PR on my album and on Cesar's album...Gotta a lot of work to do in such a few weeks...and not to mention the tv show i am producing which starts filming in 7 days...22 episodes in one month!! AHHHHHH!!! But its all good, i am having fun...cant believe my album is gonna be recorded in just one short month its so excited...and I am so excited about Cesar's cd too...i get to do two in one month!!!! I can't believe its almost here...I do have to leave my wife though for a month and a few days thats gonna be a bummer :( I am applying for American Citezenship on tuesday...crazy!!!! Jeanette (my sis) just got it and it is about time!!! My brother Sam and his wife Whitney just had their first child...Elias Kevin Thulin...he is a cutie! Im so happy for them and I think that me and Anna will have our first pretty...maybe start trying in a year :) just want us to really get to have us time before that but I do long to be a father as well :) I do very much look forward to Going to the USA again and let me tell you that Minnesota fall is the best ever...there is nothing like it...I will never forget driving around listening to "No Air" while the leaves fell off the trees :) yay...Haloween is fun too, I am totally going to go to Valley Scare which is a fun theme park during haloween in Shakopee, MN!!! YAY and Ces is gonna be there and My best friend Wayne...its going to be fantastic fun!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Also my 5 readers please tell people about this blog i really want to get over a hundred!!! Do me that favor!! Love you guys! Talk 2 u soon

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  1. Cover looks great! Does your wife blog too? I hear you about the MN fall! I'll link back to you. Can you put up some more music or links to buying your album?