Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Oh production started yesterday on the tv show I am producing...and I didnt realize how much work this was really gonna be!! Doing this production is full time, and so is my cd project and Cesar's...and being a good husband! So I currently have 4 full time jobs...OH MY!!! Yesterday I worked for 15 hours straight...ya...and it doesnt look like its gonna let up at all! So I will Blog as much as I can friends but it will def be shorter haha...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is beautiful!

Yes, as you can tell by my title today is a GREAT DAY!! I have finally come to the realization that hapiness is something that you truly have to choose...and today I choose! :) In the words of India Arie "I choose to be the best that I can be, I choose to be authentic in everything I do, my past don't dictate who I am...I Choose"...It is so easy to focus on the things you don't have and the things you don't understand, forgetting the amazing things that are right in front of us! I am so glad to have an incredible wife who loves and supports me in everything, a loving family who is always gonna be there for me, friends who are truly my friends no questions asked, a bright future and most of all a merciful and loving saviour, Jesus, who died for all of my sins so that I could live eternally! I am well aware that everybody is not a blessed to have a support system behind you...but remember that God loves you, he sees you in your circumstance and he wants nothing more than to have a real intimate relationship with you...:) I hear stories everyday of people who's lives have been changed by Jesus, it isn't a joke it isn't a fluke...Jesus is alive and has given us the promise of a future and of fullness of Joy in Him Habakkuk 1:5 says "Look at the nations and be utterly amazed, for I am going to do something in your days that you wouldn't believe even if you were told" That is a promise, and I know that I know that it will be kept. Look at your life and be thankful for the things that have been given to you....even if you have no treasure here on earth...there is so much more waiting!! Remember, it's okay to doubt just as long as it doesn't overshadow your hope! AMEN! This became a preach blog...sorry :)) Now I am going to cook dinner for my parents...Love you guys!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am falling asleep as we speak!!

So I have been going non stop for what feels like, a year...but really its only been a month :) But seriously I need to sleep soon...and this rarely happens but I am getting peopled out...which means I just need to be alone for like a half a day or maybe even a day...and i mean in not working not watching TV...just ME!! I need these times like once a year or once every 5 months maybe...But I am just tired and need to regain my thoughts...cause I am gonna hit a wall if I don't...This is my last chance too cause next week the fun begins...and when I say fun I mean "death to me busy" :( Just had a lovely lunch with my wife and watched 7th heaven and Project was relaxing :) have another concert tonight which I am so not ready for cause I am literally falling asleep writing this...and my body feels very head is pounding , and My jaw have finally broken now after 4 years of getting stuck and having it just "tore" i guess u could say so it is just terrible pain no matter what I do...sing, eat, talk, kiss my wife...ITS AWFUL!!!! Hopefully i can get surgery soon!!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I need to go to a day spa...but yet be alone...can air massage haha!!! (One of the stupidest things I have said, but youll have to forgive me :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just got off the phone with my BESTEST BIFF EVER CESAR!!! EVER!!!!!!! haha and we were just talking about Jesus and the amazing weekend I just had!!! I had 2 concerts this weekend and let me tell you the one this morning I completely broke!! We had sung all of our songs and there were these people up frot for prayer and I saw this one man...he was about 80 and my dad was praying for him!! When my dad was done ...the man fell on his knees and was crying before the Lord...I just started crying...I realized what it's all about...JESUS...its not about age we have the same father...and yes i knew this before but its so great to be reminded!!! I feel so priviliged to get to minister and bring Jesus to people...WHOA...great weekend!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The photoshoot went fantastic and now I finally have the cd cover for the new album...What do you guys think!!! Its been a really busy two days...working a lot on PR on my album and on Cesar's album...Gotta a lot of work to do in such a few weeks...and not to mention the tv show i am producing which starts filming in 7 days...22 episodes in one month!! AHHHHHH!!! But its all good, i am having fun...cant believe my album is gonna be recorded in just one short month its so excited...and I am so excited about Cesar's cd too...i get to do two in one month!!!! I can't believe its almost here...I do have to leave my wife though for a month and a few days thats gonna be a bummer :( I am applying for American Citezenship on tuesday...crazy!!!! Jeanette (my sis) just got it and it is about time!!! My brother Sam and his wife Whitney just had their first child...Elias Kevin Thulin...he is a cutie! Im so happy for them and I think that me and Anna will have our first pretty...maybe start trying in a year :) just want us to really get to have us time before that but I do long to be a father as well :) I do very much look forward to Going to the USA again and let me tell you that Minnesota fall is the best ever...there is nothing like it...I will never forget driving around listening to "No Air" while the leaves fell off the trees :) yay...Haloween is fun too, I am totally going to go to Valley Scare which is a fun theme park during haloween in Shakopee, MN!!! YAY and Ces is gonna be there and My best friend Wayne...its going to be fantastic fun!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Also my 5 readers please tell people about this blog i really want to get over a hundred!!! Do me that favor!! Love you guys! Talk 2 u soon

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Okay, so today I am doing my photoshoot for my album :) It involves dragging a couch to different locations it should be very fun and very interesting :)))!!!! Cant really talk a lot cause I have to go but I will post the pics tomorrow!!! YAAAY

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Sick!!

Today, I woke up feeling whole body ached and let me tell you that I am a little sick of Sweden...I have been here for pretty much a year in Nov and I am about to go CRAZY!!! It is so different culturaly here, i end up going to work and going home to watch tv every night, everything closes at like 9 as far as grocery stores go everything else closes at like 6... you can't go to the movies cause it is 45 min away and we dont have a car...oh and no one drives automatic here it's all manual...and whoever said driving manual is more fun is a LIAR! IT SUCKS!!! I don't have a phone and most people who have a car are really really unwilling to drive pretty much I am stuck doing nothing...UGH! On a positive note...I am going to America Oct 1 and on that day the fun begins!! Then I have 2 cd's to record a butt load of concerts and fun things to do...then christmas then America...PERMANENTLY!! So i have to survive 40 more days!!! I CAN DO IT!!! I think!!! I still need $5000 for my cd though, i already have $5000 but I still need the other half!! So pray about that and if you know anyone or a company who wants there logo on a cd going national in America and Sweden...PLEASE TELL THEM!!!
Anyway...have to go to work now...will be back to tell you some exciting news later on this month!!! :) dont worry I will still be back tomorrow :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


here is a clip from the conference that just happened! Its my new single "Spoken For" It will be released in OCT!!

The Minnesota Feeling

Okay, so i woke up today with what I like to call "The Minnesota Feeling", let me explain what this means. When I used to live in Minnesota and was 18 I used to have fun with friends every night driving around doing crazy things (christian things :)) It was unrealistic and unfortuanetly my sister wanted to choke me cause i kept losing every job I had haha...oh Lord!
But when i think back about that time it makes my whole insides warm was one of those times when I was care free. Then when I met my wife and she came to visit me in Minnesota that month was the same thing care free...and when I think of that I get the same feeling! So...

The Minnesota Feeling: A memory or good feeling one gets that reminds them of times of peace and being care free!

So you guys know the feeling right?? Well anyway I woke up with it this morning, as the wind blew through my open window...cause we don't have air condition in Sweden...BOGUS! I looked over at my wife and said in my head "I love you" and every little thing felt like dancing on roses...this has been happening to me a lot lately, and I know it has to do with the joy of the Lord but it's really been awesome!! Then I find myself almost ruining it for myself because i start to worry about things in my life, like how is this gonna happen, what did I do now, am I good enough? You know stupid stuff, and sometimes trying to remind ourselves that we have an amazing life just doesn't work! :( When i feel down i resort to writing music! is my outlet for all of my emotions...causing me to hide a lot of the songs...cause some of them can be very directed...towards situations and I keep them to myself...but every now and then God gives me an amazing song that I can share :)

So if you are in the same boat as me as a christian...that you are spending time with God you are reading the word, you feel like you are in a good place and still you feel down and discouraged sometimes...remember this...JOY is not only warm fuzzy are not always gonna have the Minnesota feeling...JOY is so much's a deeper root...and it says in the Bible to not worry about our lives or what we are gonna wear or eat...cause the Lord provides beyond measure!!! So we have to claim our joy! Situations are always gonna fail us, people are always gonna fails, our own consequences are gonna bite us...It's life...but we have Jesus and that's the difference!

That was my deep thought for today, don't be discouraged cause God really is with you! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

OKAY, let's try this again!!

Alright, so I haven't been here for a million years but now I am actually gonna do this!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! I am gonna try to get people interested in my life...haha...this is fun!!
Okay so a lot has happened since I was last on here... I am officially recording my third album "The Anatomy of a Heartflow" in October and I am also Producing a new artist "Cesar De La Rosa" who is also recording his cd in Oct...I have a 2 weeks tour in the US in the end of Oct and a 3 week in Sweden, and then a one or two month in Jan (Hopefully)...I know you guys heard the Globe thing...the big event I was supposed to do...ya...didnt work out...not only did the sponsor kinda back out...but someone I asked for help stole the idea!! GREAT!!! Just had a huge festival here, two of my greates friends came from the was a super fun time!! Though not without it's...dramatic...moments...hehe! :) But is good! Went through a period where I felt God was abandoning me, but then the funny thing about God is he ALWAYS comes through when you need now I am living in this fullness of joy thing...It is fantastic! Me and my wife (Anna if you dont remember) have gotten a lot of alone time, which is Great!!!

The place I am at now though is I feel a little lost at the moment...Where to go?? What to do?? People I know are starting school, and working and hanging out with friends all the time and I am just working a job that only has me here temporarily...though my life has been full of "temporary" I am ready to do something...and I can feel my relationships fading because people assume that married guys don't need friends!!! Don't get me wrong cause I have the best wifey on the face of the planet and I HAVE SOOOOOOOO much fun with her, but it's important to have those guy nights sometimes...and there aren't really any guys here that I feel super close to (if any of you are reading this...I LOVE YOU...and David you are excluded cause you are my brother and of course I connect with you :))
I just feel boring, and that people think I am boring sometimes just cause I am married...LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!! ME AND ANNA ARE NOT BORING!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha we are the funnest...EVER! lol :) Then it can feel like i invest a lot in activities and in people and sometimes I just don't get investment back, and again i don't invest to get invested in...but sometimes would be nice...maybe :) But the Lord is so good and I cannot ask for a better life right now...seriously...I have the best wife ever, working with some of the most talented people ever, getting to do what I love...I can't complain!! Now I am sitting and counselling people on the phone, its very rewarding!! :) Then I am going home to my wifey poo to snuggle with her :) see you guys soon...I promise...really this time!!!