Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Video :)

So, have been filming the music video for my new single "Pioneer" and it is sooo much fun. The response for the song has been INCREDIBLE so thanks to eeryone who has supported me and I am so happy u guys love the song. It doesnt show on my myspace where I have had like 17 views hahaha but thank you for all the emails and encouragement. On Thursday we are shooting the remainder of the video and then its on to editing which is the funnest part :) My friend Joel is helping me A LOT with actually wouldn't eve be possible without him so thanks buddy :) I am currently wide awake cause I had like a 5 hour nap just now and its almost 11:30 and i should be sleeping...i was tired a second ago but I guess things can change wife looks so cute sleeping :))

Got in contact with a REAALLY AWESOME Photographer from Melbourne, her name is Nirrimi...super sweet girl hopefully we can work together on some stuff :))

Thats all for now...keep a look out for the music video...thank you you faithful 4 for reading my blog haha :)