Monday, August 24, 2009

I am falling asleep as we speak!!

So I have been going non stop for what feels like, a year...but really its only been a month :) But seriously I need to sleep soon...and this rarely happens but I am getting peopled out...which means I just need to be alone for like a half a day or maybe even a day...and i mean in not working not watching TV...just ME!! I need these times like once a year or once every 5 months maybe...But I am just tired and need to regain my thoughts...cause I am gonna hit a wall if I don't...This is my last chance too cause next week the fun begins...and when I say fun I mean "death to me busy" :( Just had a lovely lunch with my wife and watched 7th heaven and Project was relaxing :) have another concert tonight which I am so not ready for cause I am literally falling asleep writing this...and my body feels very head is pounding , and My jaw have finally broken now after 4 years of getting stuck and having it just "tore" i guess u could say so it is just terrible pain no matter what I do...sing, eat, talk, kiss my wife...ITS AWFUL!!!! Hopefully i can get surgery soon!!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I need to go to a day spa...but yet be alone...can air massage haha!!! (One of the stupidest things I have said, but youll have to forgive me :)

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