Monday, September 21, 2009

In 8 days...

Hey guys...WOW I have been stressed there has been so much going on...too much lol! Working 16 hour days cause of this tv show im working with...trying to transfer all the money to the US fot the cd project and it sucks to transfer from complicated!! But other than my UBER stress I am very excited cause Ann Guzik is coming to visit me on wed...YAAAYYY!!! I love having my lovely American friends over for visits in my home country..I am gonna be pretty busy but I am going to make as much time for her as I can :) Anyway, things are fab just wnated to give you an update :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Times

HAHA, sorry about the last blog guys, I have made it through no worries lol...sometimes the easiest way to let things out is to write them!! My Sis is moving to L.A. on monday and I am going to miss her very much! But she is going to be in an awesome city doing awesome things and I am proud!! My cd is being recorded in 20 DAYS...I cant believe it...I am so excited!!! Everything has come together nicely and God has truly provided for me! I am loving life and I am grateful for everything going on right now...I will only be made stronger by my struggles and without them I would never get to see God's undying unbending love for me...his grace covers our mess...Its amazing isnt it :)

In conclusion, I finished writing one of the songs from Cesar's album today and i think the bridge might encourage you...

Its easy to look at life in a negative way
using our past like some kind of bitter escape
but if you look at the sky there isnt a shade of gray
So I decide to say
"The sun is shining and I know its gonna be a good day"

Life has changed a bit but the memories still remain
no matter what happenes I will never ever forget the good times
people change but life remains
and even though we go our seperate ways
no matter what happens I will never ever forget the good times!!

Its Gonna be a good day :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay, so I am feeling much better now (when it comes to mono and throat pain) and it is nice to be able to swallow again! Came to a conclusion today...I have spent a lot of my life just thinking about other people...what other people think about me, why is this person doing this, why doesnt this person like me etc etc...which has caused me to feel very crappy about myself in many different scenarios...I have always been told that thinking about yourself is obviously being selfish...which is true to a certain extent but when you get so pushed to the side that everything about you starts changing because thats what other people want...then something is wrong! Just as I obsess over what other people want and need I feel like the same courtisy should be given to me. I feel like I have lost myself and realized that literally my lfe is defined by other people...that is sad...Not by Jesus, not by love but by other people's opinions and their uncanny control over my thoughts and actions!

Well, its always good when you find the culprit of something cause its ending today, Im not gonna become this selfish person saying "this is what I want" all the time cause my love for people will never go away, but its time to stop caring if a friend doesnt contact me as much, or if someone cuts me off cause they just dont like me so much or if someone gets upset because I am not doing things quite to their standard...people dont understand the stress and pressure they put on me sometimes but its proly because they are smart enough to think about themselves a little too! I am praying to God to release this annoying self concious, let everyone step on me all the time Jonathan...I am putting my fricking foot down...NOW! I will always be helpful but its time to stop taking it to extremes people, because honestly I dont need friends...really...and I dont need anyone really...I need Jesus and my wife and my family! And even the closest to me cause problems for me sometimes...but that is just natural!

So in conclusion to this obviously "ranting" letter...If you dont want me and you dont like me...WHO CARES! I WILL LIVE...HONESTLY!

Have a blessed day!

Oh and P.S. Listen to Imogen Heap's new album "Ellipse"...Its amazing!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Okay so i know its been like 2 weeks...Things are...well....STRESSFUL!! 2 weeks ago my throat started hurting just like a regular "hurts when you swallow thing" Then it got worse nd worse...and turns out I have MONO!! UGH...went to the doctor got medicine...then it still got the point where I couldn't talk or breathe...went in again...Yes its mono but I also have an infection in my throat!!! UGH and yes production has started...but Doctor's orders I have to take a whole week off...which means when i return we will have 15 days left...YA FIFTEEN...And did I mention we havent recorded one episode yet!!! UGH...but on the upside I am going to America in 22 days...and that is exciting!!! About to eat a lovely dinner with my wife who is taking care of her sick hubby!!! :) Just hope and wish you get a wife as awesome as mine :) Now back to Lord of the Rings marathon!!!!