Friday, February 4, 2011

Again sorry!

So sorry I havent been has been busy!! But im coming back get ready :)


Been reading the hunger games got inspired and wrote this song!!

1:I wanna live bake the bread and pour the wine I wanna love all the world and all that's mine I wanna dream precious pearls and Everdeen I wanna fight for the right I know is mine

and go where the wind blows...

Chorus: Don't you wanna GO show them what you're made of anywhere it takes us GO following the war drum anything for freedom

2: I wanna bleed bleed the blood of anarchy I wanna shout so all can hear my battle cry I wanna break all the hands that hold me down I wanna fly to that district in the sky

and go where the wind blows...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Video :)

So, have been filming the music video for my new single "Pioneer" and it is sooo much fun. The response for the song has been INCREDIBLE so thanks to eeryone who has supported me and I am so happy u guys love the song. It doesnt show on my myspace where I have had like 17 views hahaha but thank you for all the emails and encouragement. On Thursday we are shooting the remainder of the video and then its on to editing which is the funnest part :) My friend Joel is helping me A LOT with actually wouldn't eve be possible without him so thanks buddy :) I am currently wide awake cause I had like a 5 hour nap just now and its almost 11:30 and i should be sleeping...i was tired a second ago but I guess things can change wife looks so cute sleeping :))

Got in contact with a REAALLY AWESOME Photographer from Melbourne, her name is Nirrimi...super sweet girl hopefully we can work together on some stuff :))

Thats all for now...keep a look out for the music video...thank you you faithful 4 for reading my blog haha :)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Brilliant songs that not many people know about!

This is a list of songs that are actually incredibly good but a lot of people dont listen to them and judge cause of the artist or whatever and some are just unknowns...but I will try to make them known now to the 5 people that read this blog lol. There are some artists on this list that will make you say WHAT!?! (f/ex lindsay lohan) but they are fantastic give them a listen...

1: Sober - Kelly Clarkson - Listen to the lyrics and music its just beautifully brilliant

2: Division - Aly & Aj - The highly underestimated duo, this song is the best, most sarcastic break up song i have ever heard!

3: The Art - Rachael Lampa - Just a beautiful song, wow...great lyrics the youtube video is weird but just ignore it and listen to the song :)

4: My Innocence - Lindsay Lohan - Yes this is a song written by Lindsay Lohan yes a musically brilliant song, it gives me the chills...listen to the chord change at 2:38...MMMM...dont underestimate the teen queens :)

5: We are lost without you - Elizabeth Hunnicutt - One of the best songs ever (in my opinion of course) :) WOW LYRICS - go to the playlist at bottom right and it is number 2

6: Send it on - Disney Channel stars - Oh ya, stop judging and listen to how good the song is!

7: AHA! - Imogen Heap - SUCH A COOL SONG!

8: Delicate Child - Rj Helton - Such a heartbreaking song, Rj sings about the after effects of being molested by his uncle as a 7 year old. But a great song, a lot of emotion.

9: Have your way - Britt Nicole - A "fall to your knees" so powerful.

10: The Theif - Brooke Fraser - A fairly inknown Brooke Fraser was sung at my wedding...the lyrics are just...again this is just one of the best songs I have heard :)

Hope u guys enjoy the songs...comment if you'd like! This is of course my opinion but i think u guys will agree :) Listen with un - judgemental ears (At least to the disney girls ) :)


Friday, January 22, 2010


So I am sitting here trying to figure out the best way to get my music out there, and of course I have hit the wall that every artist hits at some point. There are 10 gazillion people trying to do the same thing DUH! I knew that but you always try to tell urself that u will just get into the biz right away! So now I have come to the conclusion that I will leave it in God's hands. If he wants me to become successful in this then I will, I just have to wait for his time :) But now I am bored, cause its still raining and I wanna watch a movie but I cant cause I dont get paid till 2morrow
:( Oh well

until next time :)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

So interview 2morrow then!

So i went in for my interview today and they had made some kind of mistake so I am going in tomorrow instead which is totally fine :) Still raining is ridiculous, they say it hasnt been like this for years, what a great entrance for me to come to California ha ha...Anyway went to Vanguard yesterday and totally loved it is an incredible school ran into an old buddy from Minnesota, the campus was great it seems like an awesome place to go to school :) Today I just pretty much slept its nice to sleep when you hear the rain falling on the ws very nice my wife made an amazing dinner which I am still craving now lol and now we are gonna head to Walmart to get some stuff we need...seems the rain is letting up outside...FINALLY!!! Until next time



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So ya its rain season here in Orange County and let me tell u that it was more than I bargained for. So Me and my wife were out driving innocently on the side of the road, and all of a sudden bam it was raining SUPER hard, the sand bags that were meant to hold the water broke all over the streets so we were driving through virtual mud, the sewer caps were levatating from the water pressure not to mention all the water spraying out of the sewers, see California has the opposite effect on water, instead of draining it...more water comes from unexpected places to add on to the fun. So to make a long story short we ended up waist high in water and i had to get out and push our car that had stopped...then we had to wait for the motor to dry off cause the car was sputtering...but anywho after that we went to Barnes & Noble and I read more of the Percy Jackson series...WHICH I LOVE! Then we watched "The Accidental Husband" and "Push" Both Great movies which I recommend...ALSO just saw "The Book of Eli" it was just an amazing movie :) Click the links below for these books and movies :) Now its a new day and we are going to Vanguard!! YAY