Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Minnesota Feeling

Okay, so i woke up today with what I like to call "The Minnesota Feeling", let me explain what this means. When I used to live in Minnesota and was 18 I used to have fun with friends every night driving around doing crazy things (christian things :)) It was unrealistic and unfortuanetly my sister wanted to choke me cause i kept losing every job I had haha...oh Lord!
But when i think back about that time it makes my whole insides warm up...it was one of those times when I was care free. Then when I met my wife and she came to visit me in Minnesota that month was the same thing care free...and when I think of that I get the same feeling! So...

The Minnesota Feeling: A memory or good feeling one gets that reminds them of times of peace and being care free!

So you guys know the feeling right?? Well anyway I woke up with it this morning, as the wind blew through my open window...cause we don't have air condition in Sweden...BOGUS! I looked over at my wife and said in my head "I love you" and every little thing felt like dancing on roses...this has been happening to me a lot lately, and I know it has to do with the joy of the Lord but it's really been awesome!! Then I find myself almost ruining it for myself because i start to worry about things in my life, like how is this gonna happen, what did I do now, am I good enough? You know stupid stuff, and sometimes trying to remind ourselves that we have an amazing life just doesn't work! :( When i feel down i resort to writing music!...it is my outlet for all of my emotions...causing me to hide a lot of the songs...cause some of them can be very directed...towards situations and people...so I keep them to myself...but every now and then God gives me an amazing song that I can share :)

So if you are in the same boat as me as a christian...that you are spending time with God you are reading the word, you feel like you are in a good place and still you feel down and discouraged sometimes...remember this...JOY is not only warm fuzzy feelings...you are not always gonna have the Minnesota feeling...JOY is so much deeper...it's a deeper root...and it says in the Bible to not worry about our lives or what we are gonna wear or eat...cause the Lord provides beyond measure!!! So we have to claim our joy! Situations are always gonna fail us, people are always gonna fails, our own consequences are gonna bite us...It's life...but we have Jesus and that's the difference!

That was my deep thought for today, don't be discouraged cause God really is with you! :)

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  1. I got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart! :) ...and there's still times my life is too loud to hear it. My favorite quote is, "Make time for quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud."

    I liked what you wrote, "you are not always gonna have the Minnesota feeling..." I miss MN and Celebration like CRAZY, but HE is still with me - and He is my joy.