Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Sick!!

Today, I woke up feeling whole body ached and let me tell you that I am a little sick of Sweden...I have been here for pretty much a year in Nov and I am about to go CRAZY!!! It is so different culturaly here, i end up going to work and going home to watch tv every night, everything closes at like 9 as far as grocery stores go everything else closes at like 6... you can't go to the movies cause it is 45 min away and we dont have a car...oh and no one drives automatic here it's all manual...and whoever said driving manual is more fun is a LIAR! IT SUCKS!!! I don't have a phone and most people who have a car are really really unwilling to drive pretty much I am stuck doing nothing...UGH! On a positive note...I am going to America Oct 1 and on that day the fun begins!! Then I have 2 cd's to record a butt load of concerts and fun things to do...then christmas then America...PERMANENTLY!! So i have to survive 40 more days!!! I CAN DO IT!!! I think!!! I still need $5000 for my cd though, i already have $5000 but I still need the other half!! So pray about that and if you know anyone or a company who wants there logo on a cd going national in America and Sweden...PLEASE TELL THEM!!!
Anyway...have to go to work now...will be back to tell you some exciting news later on this month!!! :) dont worry I will still be back tomorrow :)


  1. Oh, I am so with you on the manual/automatic thing. Manual is not fun, it's suicide. For me, anyway. :)

    Are you moving back to MN?

  2. I certainly am friend!!! :) I miss you guys tooo much!!