Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So ya its rain season here in Orange County and let me tell u that it was more than I bargained for. So Me and my wife were out driving innocently on the side of the road, and all of a sudden bam it was raining SUPER hard, the sand bags that were meant to hold the water broke all over the streets so we were driving through virtual mud, the sewer caps were levatating from the water pressure not to mention all the water spraying out of the sewers, see California has the opposite effect on water, instead of draining it...more water comes from unexpected places to add on to the fun. So to make a long story short we ended up waist high in water and i had to get out and push our car that had stopped...then we had to wait for the motor to dry off cause the car was sputtering...but anywho after that we went to Barnes & Noble and I read more of the Percy Jackson series...WHICH I LOVE! Then we watched "The Accidental Husband" and "Push" Both Great movies which I recommend...ALSO just saw "The Book of Eli" it was just an amazing movie :) Click the links below for these books and movies :) Now its a new day and we are going to Vanguard!! YAY


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