Monday, January 18, 2010

Okay I know its been a while !!

Sorry guys I totally forgot about the blogging a lot has happened since my last update...A LOT! I am now living in L.A moved here with my wifey 2 weeks ago after an amazingly fun road trip across half of America with two other swedish buds. My sister in law and one of my greatest friends Sebastian. We had a whole lot of fun!!

My cd is now out and is doing very well, I know God has an amazing plan and I am very excited to see what that is :) I am going to an AMAZING church is called Life church and is Pastored by an amazing couple Phil and Jeannie Munsey, just incredible people of God. Just the 2 services I have gone to have changed me so very much!

We are living with my sister Jeanette who leads worship at the church with Another worship leader Jason Chatham...he ROCKS! What I love most is not oly is he great musically but he has the right heart about why he is doing what he is doing. I have been reading in Nehemiah and it has really encouraged me to rebuild the wall in my life and not a wall in a "blocking myself out" way but rather a strong foundation to stand on. I know this is where me and Anna are supposed to be and it has been evident through the incredible favor God is showing us. I went to apply for jobs today and the first one I applied to I got an interview Woohoo!! :) Meeting some awesome people here and I can't wait for the future...YAY!

This weekend I am the musical guest for a comedy dvd recording...Fishsticks Comedy they are hilarious. Based out of Milwaukee, so it looks like I have to leave this blissful 75 degree weather and go back to negative 2 haha...but thats okay :)

Well see u 2morrow


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