Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raining again...

So when I moved to the O.C i was told it rains 2 days out of the year...yet it rained once last week and yesterday and today...not that i dont like rain but its like HEAVY rain!! Thinking about visiting Vanguard University today hopefully the rain would let up. Been writing a lot lately and I am thinking about releasing an EP to go along with my new cd "The Anatomy of a Heartflow" I need to writ one more song then I am all set. Tracks so far are

1: Pioneer
2: When Summer Came
3: All I Need
4: ?????

I am very excited to see what the Lord gives me next...and knowing me these songs will proly change 4 more times haha...Im feeling super inspired though...finished "Pioneer" Yesterday and am very pleased with it :)

we will see what comes next


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