Monday, January 25, 2010

Brilliant songs that not many people know about!

This is a list of songs that are actually incredibly good but a lot of people dont listen to them and judge cause of the artist or whatever and some are just unknowns...but I will try to make them known now to the 5 people that read this blog lol. There are some artists on this list that will make you say WHAT!?! (f/ex lindsay lohan) but they are fantastic give them a listen...

1: Sober - Kelly Clarkson - Listen to the lyrics and music its just beautifully brilliant

2: Division - Aly & Aj - The highly underestimated duo, this song is the best, most sarcastic break up song i have ever heard!

3: The Art - Rachael Lampa - Just a beautiful song, wow...great lyrics the youtube video is weird but just ignore it and listen to the song :)

4: My Innocence - Lindsay Lohan - Yes this is a song written by Lindsay Lohan yes a musically brilliant song, it gives me the chills...listen to the chord change at 2:38...MMMM...dont underestimate the teen queens :)

5: We are lost without you - Elizabeth Hunnicutt - One of the best songs ever (in my opinion of course) :) WOW LYRICS - go to the playlist at bottom right and it is number 2

6: Send it on - Disney Channel stars - Oh ya, stop judging and listen to how good the song is!

7: AHA! - Imogen Heap - SUCH A COOL SONG!

8: Delicate Child - Rj Helton - Such a heartbreaking song, Rj sings about the after effects of being molested by his uncle as a 7 year old. But a great song, a lot of emotion.

9: Have your way - Britt Nicole - A "fall to your knees" so powerful.

10: The Theif - Brooke Fraser - A fairly inknown Brooke Fraser was sung at my wedding...the lyrics are just...again this is just one of the best songs I have heard :)

Hope u guys enjoy the songs...comment if you'd like! This is of course my opinion but i think u guys will agree :) Listen with un - judgemental ears (At least to the disney girls ) :)


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