Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Times

HAHA, sorry about the last blog guys, I have made it through no worries lol...sometimes the easiest way to let things out is to write them!! My Sis is moving to L.A. on monday and I am going to miss her very much! But she is going to be in an awesome city doing awesome things and I am proud!! My cd is being recorded in 20 DAYS...I cant believe it...I am so excited!!! Everything has come together nicely and God has truly provided for me! I am loving life and I am grateful for everything going on right now...I will only be made stronger by my struggles and without them I would never get to see God's undying unbending love for me...his grace covers our mess...Its amazing isnt it :)

In conclusion, I finished writing one of the songs from Cesar's album today and i think the bridge might encourage you...

Its easy to look at life in a negative way
using our past like some kind of bitter escape
but if you look at the sky there isnt a shade of gray
So I decide to say
"The sun is shining and I know its gonna be a good day"

Life has changed a bit but the memories still remain
no matter what happenes I will never ever forget the good times
people change but life remains
and even though we go our seperate ways
no matter what happens I will never ever forget the good times!!

Its Gonna be a good day :)

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  1. This post reminds me of the song Red Letter Day! Will J be blogging from LA?