Monday, April 20, 2009

I gave in!! Day 1

Okay, Yes i have given in to blogging. I have totally become a conformist because i am doing this literally because everyone else is. About me...K I am 20 years old about to be 21 May 1st...HOLLER! I am a musical artist, who is currently living and travelling in Sweden. I am happily married to a beautiful wife Anna who helps me get through everyday. Oh and i am actually Swedish so i am in my home country, i am not so cool that i could just go to a random country and travel...or maybe I could...hehe we will see. haha :) Anyway...

I have been travelling all my life, started when i was nine and travelled full time with my family through 35 states and over 500 churches (Oh yes, i Love JESUS), singing is my life completely and i don't want it any other way. So where to begin my crazy life well...i guess just start...haha

DAY 1 - Okay, so i just spent an amazing weekend in this little town in Sweden, Kungsör it was called. Me and my fam had a weekend conference there!!! God really moved, wow sometimes the smallest places can create the biggest responses. I am currently planning a big concert thing in one of Sweden's most famous venues...GLOBEN (aka the globe) it seats 16,000 so ya...i have to get all those peeps there. We are trying to light the youth on sweden on fire again...YES!!! And things are going very well so far! I am going back to America in a week and a half...can't wait its been almost 6 months...or maybe its 5...see ive even lost count...ANyway i am freaking excited!!! Right now i am sitting in the car going back to where i am currently living...Älmhult...the worlds first Ikea is there...YAY Yes i am on the internet in the eh! Anywho I am tired and am excited to start blogging...YAY I am loving life...cause I've got Jesus...Try it :)

Peace out (hehe)

Jonathan Thulin

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  1. How are things going in Sweden? Those of us here in America miss you. Do you think you & your fam will be at campmeeting this year? We would all love to meet your beautiful Anna! :)